In art as in dreams, there are no restrictions. The colors, forms and shapes create a harmonious composition, individual emotions and thrills. Especially in art, it is best if every idea and technique speak with moderation and respect for nature and man.

Based on this view and this aesthetic we create in your space all these surfaces (floors, walls, etc.) with resin, natural materials and stones.

The naturalness to be emitted by the living or work space is fully reflected through these materials and the hand processing. This can convey to us another way of thinking, every day, through the image and texture of our own space or environment, a way of thinking, which is more natural and therefore more human.

Besides, the unique element that these materials give, warmth when touching, but also the physical origin, give us the opportunity to better understand the ecological character of architecture and construction. This could by no means be just a temporary fashion of our time; it’s my sincere belief that for some people, it always has been and always will be the only way of life.

We are waiting to guide you in our showroom at the following address: 1, Lavriou Ave, Pallini.


Balikouras Giorgos








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