Concrete spatolato

The Spatolato cement is made exclusively from natural materials and fossil rocks, associated with first quality resin. The final product is that of one component, ready for use as required by the specifications of the production unit.

πατητη τσιμεντοκονια
Boutique Hotel

It is a natural material rather than cement of two components, producing a result with no cracks, delaminations etc. generated from the substrate. It does not need to keep fiberglass stable and can be laid without expansion joints. The product is thixotropic and can be aplied on floors as well as vertical surfaces like walls, stairs, etc.

πατητη τσιμεντοκονια
Private House

It gives your space a completely natural result. The top surface (layer) of the cement can support the architectural design and the aesthetics of your space, so it is possible to choose the color, the pattern and the texture. Resin cement is, because of the flexibility it features, compatible with underfloor heating. The final finish is made of 2 layers of transparent resin or wax (matte, satin, glossy) that make the surface water-proof and increase the already high durability.


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