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The resins are natural substances secreted by plants such as pine resin, mastic, rubber, etc. The artistic and decorative resins owe their origin and name to them, but have industrial origins. It is totally environmental friendly and does not contain any harmful substances.

As evidence of the above, it is noted that these substances are used for many years now -according to strict requirements- in medical facilities, as well as in areas of hygiene interest, such as clinics, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
They are also increasingly used in architectural – construction works for at least 40 years, replacing the traditional building materials such as wood, glass, marble, tile, etc. The increasing demand and use are due to easy processing, flexibility, low structural weight, strength, but mostly to the unique aesthetics of this material, which is applied through handmade work of specialized teams, with various techniques and styles, tailored to the decorative nature of our material and on the architecture of your place.

The final surface may vary aesthetically, from minimalistic, plain color to more decorated ones. Glossy, matte or satin with an average construction thickness of 2-3 mm. Ideal for homes and professional premises, for new buildings or renovations.

The ‘’ and ‘EPI DAPEDOU’ company is an official representative in Greece of the company ‘Gobbetto resin floors’ with fifty years of experience in this field, which is evident by the numerous works (see photos) in Greece and abroad.


Resin floor advantages

  • Having resin as a base, the resin floors have greater resilience and flexibility than most monolithic floors in their category. Therefore, they do not allow cracks and can be placed almost without expansion joints, feature created several times in similar types of flooring (forged cement, decorated cement floor, etc.).
  • Can be used in rooms with moisture such as bathrooms.
  • Widespread use in areas under renovation due to its low weight and construction thickness, as well as due to the high adhesion level of resin over most existing surfaces (tile, wooden flooring, mosaic, etc.) without dismantling them.
  • Can also be used outdoors.
  • Wide range of aesthetic – decorative effects, even biological effects.
  • The company is perhaps the only one with 50 years of experience in the field, with branches in several countries, which proves that the specific floors have been applied and successfully tested over the last decades.
  • Wide list of clients including great and widely known Firms, in Greece and abroad. Private residences, shops, malls and hotels.